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Twits: Roland Gesthuizen


Twits: Roland Gesthuizen
I still don’t know what to call a Twitter regular, and now the name has stuck. This issue, we look at the phenomenon that is Roland Gesthuizen.

Just a bit of background. I see Roland at every DLTV conference. He is a prolific tweeter and very entertaining. He runs a broadcast during the conference and has his finger very much on the pulse of technology in education.

Follow him on Twitter as @rgesthuizen

Questions for Roland
How long have you been on Twitter?

I joined twitter back in 2008. From memory my first post was something dull like “Working Back Late”. One of my more popular tweets was at an ICTEV conference where I photographed myself wearing a towel whilst reminding people “Don’t Panic"

Why did you join?
To connect with my friends and share ideas. I seem to follow about 3000 and around 4000 follow me. I’ll apologise now to the 1000 that I have forgotten follow back and for those that do follow me, for the 30,000 posts that I have shared.

What "added value" does Twitter give over other social media types?
I don’t try to read it all for FOMO, instead I just dip my big toe into the water for about 15 min a session, around once per day. As a rule per session, I will retweet one post and reply or thank another author as I think it is healthy to share the love. I will also try to dive into something for a deep read. If anything resonates with me then i will clip a copy to save to Evernote. Depending on the content and scope, i may email it to a friend, reshare to the STEM Australia Facebook group or Linkedin. When I do this, I will try to add a brief reflection and invite comment. 

Following hash tags at conferences such as #acce2018 or online groups, #ozscied allows me to tap into the thinking or shared ideas and #VICPLN is a cool group of local nerds that enjoy hanging out at the State Library of Victoria. Whilst I have an instagram account, I have trouble understanding the urge to filter my snaps to look like a faded Polaroid snap or retro wall art. 

Who do you follow that everyone else should follow as well?
Everybody should be following these online users: 

  • @DalaiLama for the positive state of mine and good attitude that the Dalai Lama freely shares. 
  • @ABCScience for some science related goodies and evidence based journalism to counter the online nonsense and fake news. 
  • @bbcdoctorwho for some entertainment fun. "We are all stories, in the end. Make it a good one"

Any other comments?
If you spot a post from an online Troll, don’t just block them ... take the time and trouble to report their network abuse using the tools built into each platform. It only takes a few min, think of it as a form of community service. NEVER dignify their posts with a reply to feed their angst.

Remember to thank authors for good posts, be kind and creative, follow your heart and share good cat photographs.


  • Eleven years on Twitter
  • Nearly twenty-nine thousand tweets
  • Almost four thousand followers.

Roland’s Twitter feed consists of

  • Articles about how technology can be used in society/schools,
  • Political and environmental tweets,
  • Predictions and articles about the future and education.
  • Retweets from Doctor Who and other sci-fi shows.

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