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Twits: Steve Brophy

Steve Brophy @stevebrophy3

The basics

So, apparently there are two other Steve Brophys out there, hence the 3 in his Twitter handle, but this one is (most likely the best teacher of all the Steve’s).

Steve is Director if ICT and eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar, is the Co-Host of TeachTechPlay and is also Co-Host of the Design and Play podcast. He has his own blog:

He was awarded Outstanding Leader of the year at the 2017 DigiCon. He has written the feature article for this issue of the STEAM Report.

Basically, he is the epitome of “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”.

On Twitter.

  • Five years on Twitter
  • 7500 tweets
  • More than 5000 followers

His Twitter feed consists of

  • links to his blog posts and podcast episodes,
  • articles about recording and broadcasting audio,
  • promotion for the TeachTechPlay video on YouTube (and the upcoming conference)
  • articles on productivity
  • articles on innovative thinking and teaching and learning.

My Favourite Tweet:

27 Nov 2018 | Melbourne
VEX Robotics Australia 2018 Nationals News Image

The VEX Robotics Australia 2018 Nationals are taking place December 1st–2nd at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre, pitting the brightest minds from primary and high school student-led robotics teams against one another. Read More

27 Nov 2018 | Melbourne
High flyers at Luna Park News Image

Over two days in November over 1400 schoolgirls and 80 teachers attended the inaugural AIR4 initiative which introduced girls to STEAM subjects’ potential to launch them into a tech or air force career. Read More

27 Nov 2018 | National
2018/19 Australian Space Design Competition Finalists Announced News Image

Space Design Competitions Australia (SDCA) has announced the Finalists of the 2018/19Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC).
Read More

27 Nov 2018
Coomera Anglican College chooses Epson laser projectors for Imaginarium 360-degree theatre News Image

You must admit a 360-degree theatre is a pretty cool facility, it provides an immersive almost real experience combined with the ability to float from one location to the next with little effort, making for exciting learning opportunities. Read More

27 Nov 2018 | National
Majority taught by out-of-field maths teacher News Image

The shortage of maths teachers seems to be an ongoing problem with less than one in four Australian Year 7 to 10 students having a qualified maths teacher according to new data released by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Read More