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Turramurra High School successfully pilots 3D print academy 

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The be3D Academy, which was launched in November 2019, is an online library that offers an assortment of resource rich 3D lesson plans to help teachers use 3D printing in the classroom and Turramurra High School has become the first school in Australia to use it as part of its STEAM curriculum.

The teacher-tested projects in be3D Academy include a variety of videos, student worksheets and 3D model files to assist educators in incorporating 3D printing as a learning aid. Lessons in be3D Academy also specify the science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM) or design concepts that each project explores.

Y Soft provided Turramurra High with five YSoft be3D eDee™ 3D printers to use for the be3D Academy pilot. eDee, a 3D printing solution, is designed for the education sector and includes the eDee printer and YSoft SafeQ 3D print management to securely, efficiently manage and control 3D printing.

be3D Academy comes with already-prepared 3D lessons plans developed to fit within the Australian curriculum, with projects that encourage critical thinking. Students can see their concepts and designs become a finished product in a matter of hours. be3D Academy’s 3D lessons can be adjusted for different skill levels so students gain maximum value.   

Will Delves, Year 12 assistant adviser and relieving head teacher of industrial arts said, “Students definitely have an advantage having access to 3D printing. 3D printers let us facilitate transformative learning, which increases students’ ability to be creative and collaborative when learning. 

“The students really enjoyed the program and it was also easy to teach as everything that was needed to run the 3D lessons was provided in be3D Academy, from worksheets to video resources. We even had a relief teacher with no previous experience in 3D run one of the projects with no issues. The 3D printing process was great for students, especially for visual learners, with clear and simple touch screen instructions and prompts. The added feature of lockable doors during printing, preventing access to filament materials, and the fact that materials were non-toxic also greatly increased the safety from a teacher’s perspective.” 

Adam O’Neill, MD, Australia and New Zealand, Y Soft, said, “3D printing is a great opportunity to increase access to emerging technologies for students and teachers alike. With YSoft be3D eDee we’ve made 3D printing easy. Now, with be3D Academy, teachers don’t need to worry about researching for materials to cover in classes as there is a variety of pre-planned 3D lessons available to pick and choose from. 

“It’s important for students to have access to technologies that prepare them for future jobs. 3D printing and be3D Academy not only educates students on how to use and interact with such emerging technology, but it also gives them an opportunity to be innovative while self-learning. They can easily access the 3D model database on be3D Academy and print out any model they want.” 

With great results from the 3D printing pilot, the school is now looking at how to extend the use of be3D Academy and 3D printing throughout the school. 

Delves said, “Even teachers from more traditional core subjects have shown an interest in adding 3D printing to their lessons. The geography teacher is looking at incorporating 3D printing by having students design and print houses, which will be used to make a residential block, and bring to life town planning.” 

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