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Sphero and Littlebits join forces to make play-based learning giant

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Sphero and littleBits, the company that invented the electronic building block, have joined forces becoming the largest player in the play based learning market.

Sphero and littleBits have each created entirely new categories of hands-on learning tools that enable invention and STEAM education through play and technology. The two companies have reached over six million students and 65,000 teachers across 35,000 schools globally – and have sold more than $500 million in Sphero robots and littleBits kits.

Through this acquisition,. With a comprehensive offering of hardware, software, curriculum, and training, it is positioned to shape the $150 billion education technology industry.

Sphero, with the addition of the littleBits line, will now feature a portfolio of over 140 patents in robotics, electronics, software, and the Internet of Things. Teachers will have access to hundreds of thousands of community-generated inventions and activities, and over 1000 lessons tied to NGSS, CSTA and Common Core standards. Sphero and littleBits will also rally their enthusiastic and loyal networks of distinguished educators around the world that they’ve cultivated through their ambassador programs – with over 67 Sphero Heroes and 50 littleBits Bitstar Educators.

“Sphero and littleBits are on a mission to make hands-on learning fun and memorable,” said Paul Berberian, Sphero’s CEO. “Together, we’re able to make an even greater impact by delivering the best possible solution – whether it is programming a robot to solve a maze or building an electronic music synthesizer. There are infinite learning possibilities – and they’re all fun.”

According to a Harris poll, 91% of teachers say they would like to integrate more hands-on learning in their classes, and research shows that students who enjoy weekly hands-on learning activities fare 40-70% better in science, math and other subjects .

“When I studied engineering, it was top down, test-based,” said Ayah Bdeir, founder of littleBits. “I hated it and wanted to quit every semester. Then I got exposed to the pedagogy of learning through play and my life changed; no one could peel me away from learning, inventing, creating. Together, littleBits and Sphero are now bringing this experience to kids everywhere.”

The Sphero Code Mat
The Sphero Code Mat offers a simple, accessible way to learn block-based coding, basic math principles and collaborative problem solving.

With a double-sided code mat, the latest addition features Sphero Town and Sphero Golf, offering an exciting range of activities that aim to inspire and engage young ambitious minds. Sphero Golf takes a spin on a traditional golf course, exploring concepts such as distance, speed and math fundamentals. Sphero Town on the other hand explores navigation through Draw, Blocks or Text programs. Also included are 3 packs of activity cards that present a range of fun challenges and games.

As a special offer, this is available for free with any Edu Pack. To redeem the Sphero code mat and activity cards: 

1. Purchase either a BOLT Power Pack or BOLT Edu Pack from your preferred reseller between 12 August and 30 August 2019 inclusive.

2. Complete the online Redemption Form between 12 August and 30 September 2019 (have your proof of purchase ready). Visit:

3. Once your claim has been validated, your Sphero Mat & Activity Cards will be dispatched to your nominated address. Note: we can only ship to Educational Institutions (no PO Boxes).

4. x1 Mat Set may be redeemed per Power or Edu Pack purchased.

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