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Secure charging for Spheros and iPads

Sphero charging case will keep little robots rolling
PC charging and secure storage specialists PC Locs has launched the Sphero Charging Case to support school Sphero programs of all sizes, big and small. The charging case helps teachers to charge, store, secure and carry six Sphero SPRK+ robots quickly and easily. The open architecture design means the user can see that the Spheros are in their place and charging while they are securely locked away. Designed with security in mind, the strong aluminium body and keyed lock system means robots and accessories are secured when not in use. For added peace of mind, the Sphero Charging Case comes with a lifetime warranty.

Putnam 16 Charging Station for iPads
The Putnam 16 Charging Station is designed to charge, store and secure 16 iPad devices. It comes pre-wired with 16 MFi approved lightning cables for no fuss charging. The external display shows the charging status of all devices; each slot features an LED light which indicated the status of the device connected. When the light turns green, the device is ready to use. The welded steel construction and built-in mechanical combination lock means that devices are secured when not in use. For added peace of mind, the Putnam 16 Charging Case comes with a lifetime warranty.

26 Nov 2019 | Adelaide
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