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ScopeIT Education offers free primary Science Week lesson plan

To mark Science Week 12-20 August, ScopeIT has created  a lesson plan focused around Science Week and offers an introductory coding lesson that can be delivered by classroom teachers.

It is based on ScopeIT's Beginner Coding course which has been delivered to more than 80,000 students, across 200 schools in the past two years with a 93% approval rating from teachers and 85% of students reporting a significant increase in their digital technologies skills after completing a term.

ScopeIT offers a detailed course curriculum that is fully aligned with national and state standards; additionally, ScopeIT is endorsed by APPA (Australian Primary Principals Association).

Teachers can download a copy at but there's an understandable condition, the delivery email must be a .edu address.

29 May 2019 | National
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