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STEAMing home

Stop and really think about how many productive weeks you have until Christmas. I count 5 in this ten week term. However, if you have some spare time in this insane term, why not try some of these?

DLTVSTEAM based game design day
Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria are running a day-long workshop designed to give you some great processes for creating STEAM games in the classroom. It’s only $110 for DLTV members, so get in now: Register.

From Adobe
“To all Victorian friends of Adobe in Education. With the final term for 2017 looming, below are some free digital literacy & creativity professional learning opportunities that you may like to register to attend and share with your networks.

Note that all Victorian Government Secondary Schools now have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud via the eduSTAR portal.

Monday 30th October: 2.00pm to 4.00pm &/or 4.30pm to 6.30pm
Free PL event in Mordialloc – to be confirmed
Stay tuned at

Tuesday 31st October: 2pm to 6.30pm: Teaching & Learning with Creativity Tools from Adobe
Free Adobe PL event at the Adobe Melbourne Office in South Melbourne
More information & registration is available at

Monday 13st November 2pm to 4.00pm &/or 4.30pm to 6.30pm Teaching & Learning with Adobe Creativity Tools
Free Adobe PL event at Bayswater Secondary College
More information & registration is available at

Other online & self-paced professional learning opportunities from Adobe Education are available at

Regards, Tim Kitchen”

Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge August 17- November 17, 2017
The Victorian Government will award the Victorian schools and tertiary institutions with the highest rate of participation. Student and teachers can get involved, win prizes and importantly build their confidence with Cyber security skills linked to innovation and technology.

Go to the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge and sign up to be part of this important initiative offering teachers online free professional development and students’ new understanding and skills in Cyber.

Excited about the Victoria Schools Challenge and want your school involved? Renee Hoareau and Pahia Cooper at Life Journey can assist schools with in-class, co-curricular activities, professional learning or online support. Contact Renee at or call 0416 113 924. Contact Pahia Cooper or call 0427 425 058.

I subscribe to all of these newsletters to that you don’t have to. Here’s what you’re missing:

  • From Social Media: Coding is NOT the new black. Remember that coding is a great way to teach complex problem solving but like using MS Word, it’s just something everybody will be able to do.
  • “The study of science is about inquiry. The study of engineering is about problem solving.” – Seth Dimbert quoted in The E in STEM.
  • There’s something missing from STEM” – a great argument for STEAM over STEM from the Education Week website.

All the news that’s fit to email.

These news snippets come from me reading emails and searching STEAM-related sites. It will grow as I start getting emails from you.

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