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Fiona Hudson - @FeeSchmee

A huge part of being a good STEAM-powered teacher is staying connected. PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) on Twitter are a fantastic way to link up with likeminded teachers. An entertaining and valuable PLN is the #PrimarySTEMChat hashtag run by Fiona Hudson and Rachael Lehr.

One of the moment recent #primarySTEMchat topics was hosted by one of our team members, @AidanCornelius, with the topic being ‘Getting Started with STEM’.

It seems tobe a common question for a lot of teachers who have been approached to teach STEM in their school, or in a lot of cases, those teachers who want to give their students a stepping-stone into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Part of #primarySTEMchat each week is getting to know the chat participants, with questions around their role in teaching and their experience with STEM in the classroom. Aidan’s chat began by exploring the concept of being a STEM novice or STEM expert, with participants of the chat falling into both categories.

Participants tune in from all parts of Australia and the world, from Singapore, to Ireland and the USA, with some very committed teachers joining us at 5:30am wherever they are!

‘Getting Started with STEM’ asked teachers about their STEM teaching journey and the support they did or didn’t have when they first started. Teachers chimed in about their experiences, with many positive and some negative experiences and offers of support and encouragement for those having difficulties in their current position. It was great to hear from Principals and Heads of Schools who popped into the chat as well to hear their experiences from a leadership point of view!

The chat offered plenty of opportunities to give advice to teachers who are just starting out with STEM, whether they are first year teaching graduates or experienced teachers. It’s a fantastic chance for teachers to share their thoughts on ‘fitting’ STEM into the daily curriculum, ideas on workshops or lunchtime clubs and the pressures of maintaining student engagement.

Each week teachers share resources and discuss potential ideas for their STEM lessons and school-based projects. Connections are made, friendships are formed, and the discussion lasts long after the 60 minutes of the chat.

The weekly Twitter chat is held on Thursday evenings - 8:30pm AEST & 6:30pm AWST. We’re a very friendly bunch - simply search the hashtag on Thursday evening and join in, we’d love to meet you!

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