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Mojobot – World's first tangible coding robot and board game

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Mojobot exists at the confluence of board games, coding and robotics, sweet.

The idea is tangible coding, with Mojobot you learn to code through playing and challenging each other in the Mojobot Missions board game, a turn based multiplayer game where players compete to undertake Missions and earn star points.

Mojobot is equipped with lights, sounds, sensors, motion and actions and can even pick up tokens, carry them around and deliver them to different locations.

The inventors have created a comprehensive computer coding language which is screen-free, extendable and allows the use of parameters, numbers, loops, decision making, sensory inputs and sub-routines.

Everyone can easily see the coding tags and add or remove them as they wish.

Mojobot can pick up and carry around game Tokens using a magnet and solenoid actuator. It uses a Bluetooth chip for communication and uses differential drive and has two wheels and motors for navigation.

In front of Mojobot there are infrared sensors that can detect distance and presence of objects.

What's more Mojobot has infrared navigation sensors that ensures that Mojobot will always move correctly to each location in the map. The infrared sensors will detect the the marked square pattern on the corner of each block in the map. This means you can code Mojobot to move in an infinite square loop and still keep its correct position.

The Console is like the command center for Mojobot. To command Mojobot put coding tags into the Console and press 'GO'. The job of the Console in to read the coding tag data, process it and send it over to the robot.

Code extension
Connect the Add-On Console to the right hand side of the Main Console. Add as many Add-On Consoles as you like. They can be cascaded on and on...

Add-On Console can be used to create sub-routines. These are important when you have a section of code that gets repeated often. To create a sub- routine, connect the Add-On Console to the bottom of the Main Console. The system can create more than one sub-routine. Technically it can continue connecting more Add-On consoles vertically to support multiple sub-routines.

Mojobot has got tons of different coding tags. With these you can command Mojobot to do different tasks and show different behaviors. The tangible coding platform is a comprehensive system that allows the use of loops, if statements, wait command and parameters such as numbers and sensor inputs. Mojobot has 6 main types of coding tags: Movement, Actions, Control, Logic, Sensor Inputs, Sub-Routine Numbers.

Mojobot comes with a Mojotown. The map is made from paper board jigsaw pieces that can be reconfigured and is easy to carry and transport.

The themed map is designed to teach kids about places in a city. Take Mojobot on an adventure around Mojotown, exploring new places and discovering new activities.

Mojobot includes: Robot (Mojobot), Main Console Extension, Console Map, Coding Tags, Tokens.


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