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Grant bot uses algorithm to give schools STEAM funds

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Grant is kind of generous, if you manage to impress, Grant will make it very worth your while, giving away funds for classroom STEAM resources.

The OfficeMax and Winc Grant-Bot Program provides schools the opportunity to secure extra funding for hands on classroom resources as well as accessing lesson plans and inquiry units on the Cool Australia website.

Grant, the smart algorithm behind the OfficeMax and Winc STEAM Grant-Bot Program will be selecting all the grant finalists alongside a panel with Assoc Prof Alan Duffy and Dr Vanessa Pirotta selecting the winners. The competition is now live and closes on 12 July.

Any school teacher can enter by answering in 250 words or less why you and your school deserve to win a STEAM grant at

Swinburne University astrophysicist Duffy and marine biologist and whale snot researcher Pirotta both got the science bug young.

Alan Duffy says, “I was fascinated by the world around me growing up, especially the night sky! But it was at school that I learned how to actually understand it all by performing experiments. Ensuring the generation in school today have access to exciting experiments is key for me, as it will teach them not just how to ask questions of the world, but also to gain answers from it.”

Vanessa Pirotta also got the science bug as a kid “As a young girl I was drawn to the animal section of the library, and by year four, science class became my favourite lesson. I loved to explore and ask questions and ultimately this led me to follow my passion and become a scientist. It’s important for young minds to see people in my role, especially for girls. I am thrilled to help teachers navigate STEAM in today’s classroom.”

Presently most Australian primary school teachers do not have an educational background in a STEAM discipline. According to Australian Council for Educational Research, Melbourne, 2012, only 16% of Year 4 students were taught science by a teacher who specialised or majored in science, and only 20% had a teacher who specialised in mathematics.

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