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Google Expeditions bring Taronga Zoo to you

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Taronga Zoo is awesome, but for many the hike to Sydney isn’t possible, enter Google expeditions who can take you there virtually.

The latest Google Expedition, On Safari with Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo lets students from across the country and the world be virtually transported to the Zoo where they can meet, interact and learn about the 700 plus exotic and endangered species at the Zoo.

Expeditions were built to bring immersive experiences to as many schools as possible. Using collections of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content, teachers are no longer limited by the space of the classroom.

Each tour is linked with supporting materials that can be used alongside existing curriculums further aiding the learning experiences.

Laurens Derks, Learning Designer from the NSW Department of Education told us that Google Expeditions is already being incorporated into lessons plans and adopted throughout the Department of Education’s network which represents the second largest school district in the world. “Educators are embracing this new way of learning. By creating an authentic learning experience, the interaction with technology will hopefully inspire students to fulfil career aspirations that require STEM skills,” says Derks.

For teachers, Google Expeditions are helping create more innovative and interactive classes. Teachers are able to craft their own Expedition, making educators and their classrooms part of the technology experience. And for students’ they're able to immerse themselves in technology and explore worlds they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Jennifer Faulconbridge, a teacher at Mount St Thomas Public School in Wollongong commented, “Google Expeditions is a valuable tool for future focused learning. The ability to immerse students in a learning environment provides teachers with the ability to increase engagement and depth of understanding.”

Over 2 million students have already experienced Google Expeditions immersive, virtual journeys. There are over 900 virtual reality tours and more than 100 augmented reality tours exploring history, the arts, science, and our natural world. Whether you’re roaming with hippos or examining Renaissance sculptures, there’s something amazing to explore for every subject.

The Expedition was realised through a new collaboration with Taronga Conservation Society and the New South Wales Department of Education.

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