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Github helps build new generation of coders

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Github is the go to resource for code and students in Australia are amongst the biggest users of the service and that number is growing.

This year, more than 760k students are learning on GitHub, 55% more than last year, and 1.7m total students have learned to code on GitHub.

Some 31k total teachers have used GitHub in their courses to teach real-world developer workflows, 33% more than last year, and 761k active students learned and built with the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Moreover 19.8k active schools used GitHub in their curricula across the globe in high schools, universities, bootcamps, and more. 1. 3 million first-time contributors joined the open source community this year and made their first-ever contribution towards an open source project.

1.7m total students have learned to code on GitHub, 55% more than last year and 761k active students learned and built with the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

“In a sense, I agree that there is a ‘skill connection’ issue rather than a skill shortage issue and, as we’re looking to cater for the next generation of innovators, we have a responsibility to foster and support an interconnected community,” said Sam Hunt, VP APAC at GitHub.

There are all sorts of positive things around using Github, 10 million new developers joined the GitHub community, contributing to 44 million plus repositories across every continent on earth.

Software development is a community endeavor and some of the top open source projects not only have thousands of contributors – they’re dependencies for millions of repositories.

Australia is the 12th largest user of open source in the world outside of the US, contributor growth was fastest in Hong Kong (SAR), Singapore, and Japan. Thirty-six percent of new private repositories were created in Asia attesting to strong growth in the region.

“Asia’s contributor community has surpassed ones in Europe and North America in annual growth. This indicates a substantial shift in APAC, from being a consumer to increasingly becoming a contributor to open source,” commented Hunt.

Data science applications on the rise with repositories with topics including 'deep learning', “natural language processing”, and 'machine learning' becoming more popular with growing communities focused on data science.

Core data science packages powered by Python are lowering the barriers to data science work and proving foundational to projects in academia and companies alike.

Python outranked Java as the second most popular language on GitHub by repository contributors, Four million repositories depend on lodash/lodash, expressjs/express, and visionmedia/debug, respectively

 GitHub has grown to 40M+ developers. This includes 10M+ new users, 44M+ repositories created, and 87M+ pull requests all in the last 12 month

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