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Ex Googlers’ clever play

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Getting busy making stuff is a tried and true way of stimulating young kids’ brains and Osmo is taking it next level, integrating hands on play with technology.

Founded in 2013 by ex-Google engineers Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, the Osmo Play System fuses digital gameplay and physical interaction to create fun and intellectually nutritious play experiences designed for all kids.

Osmo’s universe spans 12 titles, including Super Studio, Coding Awbie, and Masterpiece, which respectively teach creativity, computer science, and drawing.

The latest is the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit, created in partnership with Marbotic, a European technology leader in early learning.

Friedrich Froebel and Maria Montessori were long on manipulatives and Osmo Little Genius learning system takes that further combining hands-on play with advanced computer visuals. The activities combine real world activities with direction from animated avatars either on a pad, mobile or computer.

Osmo used its AI technology and design-based research for the development process and the resulting system for the 3–5 age group helps nurture core developmental skills including: vocabulary, letters, emotions, problem solving, and creative confidence.

Check out a video to see how it works:

“We wanted to focus our efforts on filling a critical gap in the market,” said Pramod Sharma, Co-founder. “Since the release of our original Genius Kit a few years ago, we’ve received many inquiries from parents asking if we had something similar for their younger child… so we went to work.”

Pre-reading skills for 21st century kids
The Little Genius learning system offers these core, hands-on experiences:

  • Tangible ABCs – Playful practice for pre-readers. Build letters with squishy, colorful sticks & rings. Over 500 vocabulary
  • Squiggle Magic – Create anything you want using sticks & rings and they come alive on the screen! Learn vocabulary, build artistic confidence, and develop fine motor skills.
  • Costume Party – Experiment with clothes and colors to make party outfits, then watch the characters
  • Stories – Hours of problem-solving fun. Mix and match costumes to find silly solutions to obstacles and navigate.

The academic research behind the Little Genius Learning system debuts at the 2019 ACM Interaction Design and Children conference, presented by Dr Heidy Maldonaldo, of Osmo.

“We want to bring preschool learning to the 21st century by merging the proven educational benefits of Friedrich Froebel’s and Maria Montessori’s manipulatives with the adaptability and personalization of digital applications,” says Maldonaldo.

The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit retails for AUD $159.99 and is available from select retail partners. To order your Osmo or get more information about the company visit:

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