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Damian Perry

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a secondary teacher at a Catholic College for Boys in Victoria. This newsletter is (hopefully) going viral across the country, being sent to teachers in both primary and secondary settings in every state.

My plan, starting today, is to try and hunt down some different perspectives. How is STEAM being implemented in Primary schools? How is it taking off in Western Australia? What are you doing better than I am? How can I help?

To that end, I also want to start including some practical advice along with the articles. Simple How-Tos that you can follow along with at your school and make the magic happen. This issue, I will give you a basic rundown of Twitter and getting involved in the networking goldmine connected by hashtags and at symbols. You can find me at @puterhead –

With that newfound knowledge, you’ll want a rundown of who’s who in the world of STEAM-Tweets. So I’ve created a new regular article that will profile a popular EdTech Twittermonger. This issue, I’m starting with Steve Brophy, who is a Learning Network all on his own.

Furthermore, Steve has written the feature article for this issue – Creative Minds – talking about a project they are running at Ivanhoe Grammar to get Primary students self-learning STEAM concepts.

Take a new look at the world: there’s always something else to see.

12 Jun 2018 | Australia
What is your understanding of literacy in the digital age? News Image

Consider the issues in the media in recent times touching on e-safety or aspects of digital citizenship, digital visual literacy and the responsibilities inherent in the use of social media – critical to all of these is a literacy level and understanding of the digital environment. Read More

12 Jun 2018 | Victoria
Oz schools gun for world F1 championships News Image

The F1 in Schools competition has been around for years now with entrants participating in any of the jobs that a real F1 team offers and guess what? The Australian kids are rather too good at it. Read More

12 Jun 2018 | Intrenational
Encyclopaedia Britannica launches free Chrome Browser Extension News Image

Before there was Wikipedia there was the Encyclopedia Britannica and with a Chrome browser extension, the venerable publication’s entries are a click away. Britannica Insights™ is free and is located the top-right of the search results. Read More

12 Jun 2018 | International
Physics makes your brain work differently News Image

Here's another reason to love physics; solving physics problems lights up parts of the brain associated with attention, working memory and problem solving. Research also suggests that physics is an imaginative process. Read More

12 Jun 2018 | Melbourne
School days in the garden of STEAM News Image

If you want an immersive STE(A)M experience the STEM garden at Quantum Victoria is a very literal example. Quantum Victoria is a Centre of Excellence and Innovation devoted to STEM and is co-located with Charles La Trobe P–12 College. Read More