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Damian Perry

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a secondary teacher at a Catholic College for Boys in Victoria. This newsletter is (hopefully) going viral across the country, being sent to teachers in both primary and secondary settings in every state.

My plan, starting today, is to try and hunt down some different perspectives. How is STEAM being implemented in Primary schools? How is it taking off in Western Australia? What are you doing better than I am? How can I help?

To that end, I also want to start including some practical advice along with the articles. Simple How-Tos that you can follow along with at your school and make the magic happen. This issue, I will give you a basic rundown of Twitter and getting involved in the networking goldmine connected by hashtags and at symbols. You can find me at @puterhead –

With that newfound knowledge, you’ll want a rundown of who’s who in the world of STEAM-Tweets. So I’ve created a new regular article that will profile a popular EdTech Twittermonger. This issue, I’m starting with Steve Brophy, who is a Learning Network all on his own.

Furthermore, Steve has written the feature article for this issue – Creative Minds – talking about a project they are running at Ivanhoe Grammar to get Primary students self-learning STEAM concepts.

Take a new look at the world: there’s always something else to see.

11 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
Issue 5 – Editorial News Image

Five issues in and the world is already changing. Education Minister Simon Birmingham says that the government will consider bringing former tradies and nurses into teaching with changes to the registration process. Read More

11 Mar 2018 | Tasmania
Maths stands to be the real winner from STEAM News Image

I approach my curriculum planning in the way I approach much of my life: I work out what I want to achieve and then I work out how to do it so I keep a short note on my computer’s desktop reminding me what it is I want to achieve. Read More

10 Mar 2018
Robots: 73 international and Aussie teams competing at Sydney Olympic Park News Image

High school teams from across the Asia Pacific have descended upon the Quaycentre to battle it out at the FIRST Robotics Competition Australian Regionals. The Power UP competition kicked off on Sunday 11 March with three-team alliances facing off in the two-and-a-half minute matches. Read More

8 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
Practical Applications in STEAM – The Evil League of Evil News Image

I honestly believe that we are beyond keeping our best lesson plans for ourselves. Yes, you might take my unit of work and give it to a graduate and that saves you from hiring me at the top pay scale and… Read More

8 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
Twits: Deb Hicks News Image

I don’t know what they’re actually called but every issue I will profile a useful Twit, for you to build up a collection of people to follow. Deb Hicks is an ICT coach and began tweeting to share resources and develop a personal learning network. Read More